BCM Professional Practices are delivered in one flexible, reliable, proven package, attuned to current and future standards. The result adapts to unique client needs and supports evolution of the program over time - - all without custom code.

  • myCOOP preserves existing processes and content, facilitating deployment and adoption. Databases are quickly integrated with powerful import tools, while existing documents are managed in their native formats.  Long delays and high costs of older systems are a thing of the past.
  • Global hosting with 99.99% guaranteed availability leverages production servers located at Verizon Business Tier 4, SAS-70, Type II Premium Centers with regional active-active failover.
  • The next generation design allows for central views and controls, while allowing decentralized planning, localization and integration of live sources of data.
  • Deployment methods avoid dangerous “Big Bang” project risks by planning for incremental production use as needed across the organization.
  • All currencies, time zones and date conventions in the world are available.  ISO 22301:2012 supported as a standard baseline, with ISO31000 (Risk) included.


An intuitive approach makes for an extremely productive end-user experience.  With little or no instruction, users can manage their plans quickly and easily. Meanwhile, quick-to-learn administrative tools provide powerful methods to monitor and manage the overall program.

Business Continuity

All phases of the Business Continuity life cycle are supported in one database... more


BIA Risk Analysis

BIA/Risk can be a painful, expensive, error-prone exercise, too far removed... more


Planning Management

Content from legacy planning tools or Word/Excel files are imported quickly... more


Incident Command

myCOOP’s Recovery Dashboard manages exercises and/or actual events...more


Emergency Notification

COOP Systems easily integrates at the database level with numerous... more